Rally Attendees Information Page


We assume any personal data you have provided relating to any individual is done with their consent.

We will use the information provided on your booking form (names, car reg & centre details only) to

complete a rally attendance sheet

Attendance, payment and cancellation

By submitting a rally booking form, you agree to accept responsibility for any expenses incurred on your behalf due to late cancellation or non-attendance.

PAYMENT: I/we understand that the rally fee shown for any rally I/we will be attending will be paid to the North London Caravan Club Account via bank transfer 7 days before it commences.

SOCIAL FEE: Other than where stated, any social fee should be paid to the rally officer on arrival in cash,

Social fees for our larger organised rallies should be paid in advance with your rally fee.


If you’ve booked a rally and then find you cannot attend, please notify the Rally Officer as soon as possible.

A late cancellation is better than none.

Cancellations within 2 weeks of the start of the rally may incur a cancellation charge, especially if purchases

such as food etc. may have already been made based on the numbers booked.

For pre-paid rallies, the following points will be applicable:

All rally deposits are non-refundable.

If you cancel a rally due to ill-health or bereavement, the Centre Committee will consider a full refund.

This will be at the Centre Committee’s discretion.

There may be other target dates where cancellation will incur only a percentage refund, especially for holiday rallies where deposits have already been paid to the site, usually based on the site’s individual terms and conditions.

These will be made clear at booking.

If the Centre cancels a rally, all deposits are refundable.

General Rules and Information

First Time Rally:

If you are about to attend your first rally, may we extend a warm welcome from all the “regulars” and we hope that you will become part of our “family”. The process of booking is easy you can book on-line here via our website.

You do not need to send payment at this stage, but you will be expected to pay seven days before arrival at the rally, although several of the rallies are designated pre-paid and may have a non-returnable deposit.

On arrival at the rally, you’ll be given an envelope which should include a brief programme for the rally, and you’ll be shown to your pitch.

Rally Bookings:

Rally places are on a “first come, first served” basis.

You are advised to obtain confirmation that your booking has been received and accepted, particularly if the rally has a limited number of spaces. when you book via the website, you should get an automated e-mail back confirming receipt - if you haven’t had a reply after 24 hours, email nlondonbookings@gmail.com to check your booking.

Directions to a Rally:

North London Caravan Rallies will be signed wherever possible with yellow arrow shaped signs marked “NLCC”.

Sat Nav Users:

Postcodes shown by rallies are for reference only and should not be relied on solely.

If in doubt, follow the written directions.

Rally Fees:

Prices are correct at time of going to press.

The Centre reserves the right to vary these if circumstances beyond our control dictate.

You are advised to check with the Rally Officers prior to attending particularly if a change in venue has occurred.


Your own toilet is essential. Toilet emptying points will be available and signed accordingly. Filters for wastewater are not allowed. All wastewater must run into a suitable container and be emptied in the appropriate place. Do not take any part of the toilet within 1.8m (6’) of any drinking water tap.

Ball Games & Kites:

Ball games and kite flying are not permitted on or near to the rally field except where an activity is printed within the rally programme and fully supervised by the rally officers.


Drones are banned from the rally field and any Centre event.


Dogs must be kept under control at all times and on a lead of no more than 2 metres long when on the rally field.

 If the dog is tethered it must be within the boundaries of the owner’s rally pitch.

Dogs must be exercised away from the caravans and their excrement cleared and disposed of correctly.


It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to always supervise your children,

please keep children out of any farmyard area and away from farm machinery

unless permission has been obtained from the landowner / farmer.

Children are not permitted to enter any areas inside buildings at any time without their parent or guardian supervision.

Learner Drivers:

Only drivers with a full driving license are allowed to drive on the rally field.


All rubbish is to be taken home at the end of the rally.

Please do not use the bins on site unless permission has been granted. (This includes dog excrement)


Excessive noise should not spoil the relaxing atmosphere at rallies, and you are asked to avoid all unnecessary noise,

especially after children have gone to bed. In no circumstances should parties,

whether they be official or private be allowed to cause annoyance to people not attending them.


Personal generators may be used within the hours of 10am to 6pm for any three-hour period

or at the discretion of the Rally Officers.

Open Fires:

Open fires including Fire Pits are not allowed, unless written permission has been granted

by the landowner. All ralliers must check with the RO's beforehand,

BBQs must be sited away from awnings etc, and should be raised off

the ground to avoid fire risk and damage to the grass.

Preserving the Countryside:

We pride ourselves on our respect of the countryside.

We take seriously any wilful damage caused by ralliers to trees, fences, gates, or any other property not owned by them.

Many rally sites are lost to centres through failure to observe this.

Please leave the site clean and tidy.

Observe the Caravan Code and uphold the good name of the Club.

Speed Limit:

This is 5 miles per hour on the rally field and applies to ALL vehicles, including cycles and must not be exceeded.

 This rule also applies to visitors and friends.

Towing Out:

At the Chairman’s or his Deputy’s discretion, a rally field may be declared too bad for normal towing off

after adverse weather. Arrangements will then be made for assistance from a 4 wheel drive

vehicle at a recommended donation of £5 per tow.

Those offering such assistance need to be aware that the Club’s Public Liability insurance does not provide cover for this activity. Cover would need to be provided under the personal insurance policies of those involved.

North London Centre

Caravan Club