North London Centre

Caravan Club

Are you a Caravan Club member?

Do you want to join our Centre?


Just contact the Caravan Club Membership Department on 01342 318 813 and ask to register with the North London Centre or ‘Join a Centre’ through the Caravan Club’s website.

Centre membership is totally free providing you are already a Caravan Club Member.  Once you have joined you should receive your North London Centre Rally Handbook with 14 days.

What is a rally?

A rally is a gathering of some of the Centre members at an organised location. The number of caravans will vary from site to site and is also dependant upon the occasion. There will be one or more Rally Officers whose job it is to see that the Club rules are met and also to ensure that you have an enjoyable time.

What happens at a rally?

It can vary from Volleyball, Fishing, Dominoes or Boule competitons to more elaborate “socials” at which much merriment and socialising occurs. Needless to say these can be great fun and all the hard work that the Rally Officers put in make these fantastic occasions.

What can I expect when I get there?

As you get near the site you will see NLCC signs to help you find the entrance. You will be met by a Rally Officer who will advise you where to site your Caravan and car. They will welcome you and explain where the water point, rubbish and toilet disposal points are. You will receive an envelope with your rally details on and the cost, which is payable to the Rally Officer. There will also be information about the weekends activities and generally a quiz that should be handed in to the Rally Officers.

How do I book into a rally?

Choose a rally either on this website from the Centre handbook.  You can either book online or contact the Rally Officer directly. Please be aware that you must be a member of the Caravan Club to come on a Rally. You do not however, have to be a member of the North London Centre.  Some rallies have limited spaces so book early.

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