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Coronavirus (Covid19) Update - 23/3/2020


To help ensure Government advice on social distancing is followed, we have cancelled all Rallies immediately until after 30 June 2020.

The safety and well being of our members, local communities, guests and staff is of paramount importance to us and this move supports the recommendations issued by the Government.

This is in line with the CMAC guidelines and we will continue to liaise with them.

(Please note that this guidance is under regular review and will be subject to change as developments progress.)

Be Safe and Stay at Home.


Unfortunately due to the changes in the guidelines and the restrictions placed on venues we have had to cancel the remaining rallies for 2020.

Of course we have tried to carry on with rallies however as many of our winter venues are schools or halls we are unable to hold rallies at these venues,

We hope to see you all soon on a rally field,

Keep safe and look after yourselves and your families.


We are now allowed to start rallying again from Friday 7th August 2020 - Rallies will have a number of restrictions in place and these will be explained in due course.

If you are down to run a rally and feel that you do not wish to run the rally please contact Lorna or Gerry as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you on a rally field soon.

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Latest Information from The Caravan and Motorhome Club

The Reopening of campsites from the 4th July 2020

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Following on from yesterday's announcement, we are able to confirm that as of 4th July we will be able to host rallies again! There is an update from the Caravan and Motorhome Club also which can be found on the website. The guidance outlined was for centres to use where/when appropriate.

With these two pieces of guidance in place, it currently means that we must only site units whilst following social distancing. (Caravans and Motorhomes will remain spaced a minimum of 6m apart, however, this will be more if the space on site and numbers allow).

Unfortunately for the time being there will be no socials, raffle, or flag meeting. Nor will anyone on site be able to share food or drink with anyone not from within their normal household/bubble members. Ralliers will also not be allowed to have any visitors on site.

Ralliers may hold small gatherings outside their units ensuring they conform with current Government guidance. (This is currently a maximum of 6 people from multiple households or 2 entire households and remaining socially distant from anyone not living in their household/bubble). Please note for clarification that the term "household" is not extended family, it means those living under the same roof normally.

We will have to change the way we take payments for rallies also. We will no longer be able to accept cash on arrival. All ralliers will be sent an email or receive a phone call from their rally officers 2 weeks prior to the rally with details of what and how to pay. Those that wish to may pay by cheque on arrival, however, we do strongly encourage people to pay electronically where possible for everyone's safety. Cash will not be accepted at all. The admin fee will remain in place, however, social fees will obviously not be applicable for the foreseeable future. Any problems regarding payment please email Debbie Todd (her details are on our website).

We will also be providing anti-bacterial spray and hand sanitiser along with additional laminated signage for rally officers to utilise on rallies. These will be issued within the rally kits as a standard item.

Information will be updated on the website and our Facebook group as there are updates available and we will also communicate this with rally officers as required.

Please can we ask all ralliers to pay close attention to these updates. As a centre we have a responsibility to each other to follow the government guidance available at the time of rallies and anyone noted to not be following these whilst on a North London Centre rally will be subject to the centres' disciplinary processes. We very much want to get everyone out enjoying themselves on the rally fields but this must be done in a safe manner and in line with the current guidance.

We are aware that not everyone will wish to rush out to the rally field, and this is of course your own choice to make. If you are currently allocated to be a rally officer at any upcoming rallies and you would prefer not to be during the current climate we completely understand. If this is the case then please email Phil Crouch or Lorna Morrison (their contact details can be found on the website) and we will endeavour to organise replacement officers on your behalf.

I appreciate there is a lot of information here and should you have any questions or queries then feel free to email Lorna Morrison (her details can be found on the website) and we will ensure we reply to you as soon as possible.

As there is more information available or any changes to the current guidance we will, of course, update you all via our usual channels. Keep your eye on our website and Facebook for details regarding what rallies are upcoming, which may have been cancelled or moved and any vacant rally officer spaces there may be.

Your Committee

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Coronavirus (Covid19) Update - 9/6/2020

Taken from the official Caravan and Motorhome Club Website

Club statement following the UK Government announcement - update

The recent statement by the UK Government on the gradual easing of the current lockdown restrictions was welcome news, however, the Government advice still does not currently give the dates that campsites and touring sites are able to reopen and is conditional on further progress being made.

We will continue to liaise with Visit Britain, Tourism Alliance and British Holiday and Home Parks Association to ensure best practice operating, cleansing and safety protocols are developed for when we are able to reopen.

At this time we are planning on the assumption that we will be able to introduce a phased reopening of our campsites from 4 July. We will be opening most of our Club sites in England and we are waiting on Government advice for campsites in Scotland and Wales. Find out more about which campsites will be reopening for 2020.

We look forward to receiving the full briefing documents from the Government (and devolved Governments) which will enable us to make firmer plans for reopening the UK sites network.

We will, of course, ensure members are made aware of any changes or alterations to this position and we would ask you to regularly check the website for updates. Please call our contact centre only if you have an urgent enquiry.

Overseas travel

Our overseas travel and worldwide holidays team are working closely with key partners internationally to understand likely timescales for the resumption of holiday travel. Many European and Worldwide Authorities have issued guidance on their own overseas and domestic travel arrangements and we are continuing to evaluate these.

Storage sites

At this time our storage facilities remain closed. We will contact all of our storage customers directly with updated information should the advice from Government change. We would ask that you wait until we have contacted you directly and therefore not contact our sites or our contact centre in advance of receiving your email.

We will provide further information in the coming days. Please continue to visit the website for the latest updates. The Club wishes everyone happy touring in the future, until then, please stay alert, control the virus, save lives.