1.  You will be given see a separate sheet of instructions at the bottom to help make your job easier.  A copy is held by every committee member should you wish to see one.  Thank you for giving up your weekend to run  your rally.  Without you we would not be able to spend a carefree weekend in the countryside.

  1. The Rally Fee will be made up as follows:

                        Site Fee: Will be a rounded up figure, which will include the admin and VAT

 Rally Plaque: Standard/Special £1 (optional)plus VAT

              Cost of Newspapers(ordered)

              Competition charge (if one is run) of up to 75p for prizes.  The total sum is payable on arrival.

             The total sum is payable on arrival.

  1. If a social evening is planned it is the responsibility of the Rally Officer to book the hall and make all the necessary arrangements for the evening.  They may supply food and drink at their discretion.  Charges including VAT are £2.50 for adults and 50p for children aged 6 to 16 years.  Social fee maybe increased on special occasions by approval of the committee.  Socials should be self supporting.  If a Rally Officer does not wish to organise a social evening they may delegate this responsibility to any member wishing to do so.  Equipment maybe obtained from the Social Equipment Officer.  When on the rally field and a social is laid on in an awning or the marquees, then to cover the cost, a social fee of up to the maximum per person can be charged.  

  1. Member must sleep in their Caravan for at least one night for the rally to count for presentation, awards and so on.

  1. The Rally field should be laid out so that there is a minimum of a 6 meter space in between caravans, cars can be parked within this area.

  1. The addresses of the nearest telephone kiosk, Doctor, Hospital, Veterinary Surgeon, should be displayed on the notice board.

  1. Application to the committee must be made for special plaques at least one month in advance.

  1. North London Caravan Centre (NLCC) rally signs should be of bright and distinctive material.

  1. On weekend rallies, whether Normal or Bank Holiday Rallies, where the venue is hired to us on a nightly basis, any member arriving after 3pm shall be charged for the remaining nights only.

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